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Come to the Cornerstone 10 Weekend...

November 24 - 26, 2016


What is the Cornerstone Weekend?

Cornerstone is a back to the basics Catholic retreat weekend for young adults. This dynamic weekend is full of discussions, music, food, fun, activities and more. 

You will be glad you came! Come discover that Christ is our Cornerstone!

  How did it begin?

This retreat began at St. Gregory the Great in Tecumseh, Ontario in 2006 for those 18+.  The retreat was moved to Sacred Heart LaSalle Community and has been re-developed to include Grade 11  students in 2009.  Cornerstone continues to be "tweaked" each year to improve on the last.

Who Can Attend?

Where is it?

When is it?

How much does it cost?

How do I sign up?

Feedback from others:

Cornerstone was a pivotal moment to my faith development, it gave me a chance to really look at myself and see the hypocritical life I had been living and how this wasn't leading me to happiness. It gave me a chance to talk about my faults with people who weren't going to judge me and that i could feel comfortable with and know that they would support me and give me a boost when i needed it, and provide direction towards living a Christ like life. ~ Adam (University Participant)

Cornerstone was an incredibly refreshing turnaround. A nice step back from my fast paced life. Never before have I experienced anything like it. Ian (College Participant)

I was searching for something more from my faith, to deepen it and experience the treasures of our Catholic faith on a whole new level…dynamically. Experiencing Cornerstone was everything I was looking for and needing…a game changer, a whole new relationship with Jesus. He IS our Cornerstone! I recommend this retreat to youth and adult alike…it will change your life! - Kelly (adult leader)

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